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Things Learned and Observed in Just 10 Weeks

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Burchill Photo Mid-term grades are out and cross country season is winding down but it feels like I just got my shoulder boards yesterday. The days are long by the weeks sure fly by! Parents’ Weekend was last weekend and it was so incredibly awesome to see my parents whom I haven’t seen since Reporting-In Day (Wow! that seems like a lifetime ago). The leaves are changing and this beautiful campus is turning picture perfect. The New England weather and seasons are a big change from land-locked Oklahoma.


Nature isn’t the only thing changing around here. I’ve found myself changing in such a positive way; better study habits, improvement in stress management, and even getting faster in cross country. I’m finally getting the hang of tasks that seemed ever so overwhelming to me at the start. It didn’t take me too long to find all the helpful resources provided here at the Academy. One of the great things they offer here are peer tutors. These tutors are there to assist with academics in all subjects and if one takes advantage of these tutors, success is sure to blossom. That is what I find so great about the Academy, everyone there to help you, not out to get you.


There are days that are tough but with the help and support of my shipmates, I plow through those difficult days and leave it all in the past. In less than a month, I will be going home for the first time in a few months for Thanksgiving leave then finals will creep up around the corner. The more I live here, the more I love it. Of course there are tedious fourth class jobs that we must do but at the end of the day looking back on it, they’re not too bad.


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