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Humanities Department Scholarship 2014
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Ely, J.A. (2014). “Drones: A Challenge to the Professional Military Ethic,” Combating Terrorism Exchange.
  • Sherry, D. M. (2014). “If A Tree Falls in the Woods and the Government Did Nothing to Cause It, Does It Still Invoke the Endangered Species Act? Evaluating Karuk Tribe v. U.S. Forest Service and Its Impact on Agency Action Under the ESA,” 220 Mil. L. Rev. 316, 322-23.

Books and Book Chapters 

  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. (2014). Moral Sensitivity and Dehumanization in the Military. In Mowrer, Robeson, and Vandenber (Ed.), Developing Moral Sensitivity, Routledge.

Conference Presentations 

  • Bowman, R. (2014). “Focusing the Lessons of Disaster Through the Lens of Resilience: A Case for More Case Studies." Resilience Week - National Symposium on Resilient Critical Infrastructure. Denver, CO.
  • Horton, D. (2014). “Modern Alienation and Mass Murder: The Machinery of War in A Farewell to Arms.” Literature, Memory, and the First World War conference, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.
  • Jernquist, K., and K. Mrakovcich. (2014). “Field Work: Engaging Future Colleagues through a Science and Writing Center Collaboration,” Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference, Normal, IL.
  • Jernquist, K. (2014). “Opening Access: When Writing Centers and Faculty Across Campus Communicate About (the) Composing Identities of Future Colleagues,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, IN.
  • La Casse, C. (2014). “The Little Review: Counter-Cultural Networks through Wartime Spaces,” Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago, IL.
  • LaMonica, C. (2014). “Challenges to Interagency Law Enforcement Cooperation in the West African Maritime Domain” (International Relations Section) and Panel Discussant “Comments on US Foreign Policy” (International Relations Section), New England Political Science Association (NEPSA), Woodstock, VT.
  • Millard, B. (2014). “The Power of Tradition: Constructing Auctoritas on a Naval Vessel,” Maritime Education Summit, Castine, ME.
  • Ogg, M. (2014). “Never Far From His Authentic Self: Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Journey of Life.’” Comparative Drama Conference, Baltimore, MD.
  • Ogg, M. (2014). “Future Coast Guard Officers Examine the Ninety-Mile Experience.” Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Biennial Conference, San Antonio, TX.
  • Ogg, M. (2014). “Endless Journeys Homeward: Augustinian Perspective in O’Neill’s Early Sea Plays.” The 9th International Conference on Eugene O’Neill, New London, CT.
  • Ogg, M. (2014). “Grammar Remixed for Undergraduates: Engaging Multiple Literacies to Present Common Writing Errors.” New England Association of Teachers of English (NEATE), Mansfield, MA.
  • Pincus, R. (2014). “Drivers in the Arctic and USCG/USCGA/CASP”. Arctic Nexus in Asia-Nordic+ Relations, at University of Aalborg (invited presentation).
  • Pincus, R. (2014). “U.S. Security Institutions and Natural Resources in the Arctic”. Natural Resources in the Arctic, at Danish Institute of International Studies, Copenhagen (invited presentation).
  • Pincus, R. (2014). “Arctic SAR: Wargaming and TTX”. Arctic Change, Ottawa.
  • Rivero, E. (2014). “Por el Río de la Memoria: Los Fuegos de San Telmo de José Pedro Díaz” [Along the River of Memory: Los fuegos de San Telmo by José Pedro Díaz], 45th Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Harrisburg, PA.
  • Rivero, E. (2014). “Utopía y distopía urbanas: Partes de naufragio (1969) [Urban Utopia and Dystopia: Partes de naufragio (1969)],Latin American Studies Association Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Rivero, E. (2014). “Rompiendo con el Pasado: 25 Watts (2001) y Whiskey (2004)” [Breaking with the Past. : 25 Watts (2001) y Whiskey (2004] ,Asociación Hispánica de Humanidades Conference, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • Rivero, E. (2014). “Memoria y Creación Literaria: La Claraboya y Los Relojes (2001)” [Memory and Literary Creation: La Claraboya y Los Relojes (2001)], New England Council of Latin American Studies Conference, New London, CT.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. (2014). “Does Utilitarianism Demand Complete Impartiality?” 16th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum, Phoenix AZ.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. (2014). “Is ‘Ethics Across the Curriculum’ Ruining the Teaching of Ethics? The Use and Misuse of EAC Programs” 16th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum, Phoenix AZ.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. (2014). “False and Genuine Paradoxes Regarding Future Persons” 16th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum, Phoenix AZ.

Other Publications 

  • Gonzalez, Jose B. (2014). “On a Field Trip to Florence Griswold” (poem). Lay Bare the Canvas: New England Poets on Art. Beatrice Lazarus, Editor. Providence: The Poetry Loft. 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. (2014). “Scene with Dolores Del Rio,” and “Scene from Los Olvidados” (poems). Theatre Under My Skin: Contemporary Salvadoran Poetry. San Salvador: Kalina Press.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. (2014). “These Are Children Struggling To Our Border.” Op-Ed. The Hartford Courant.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, Ely, and Matthes. (2014). “Ethics in the United States Coast Guard”.
  • Zuczek, Richard. (2014). “The Foreign Policy of Andrew Johnson,” in Andrew Johnson: A Biography. Wiley-Blackwell.

Speaking Engagements 

  • Bowman, R. "The Triple Threat (to Homeland and National Security): Sea Level Rise, Extreme Storms, and Aging Infrastructure." National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure Summit. New York, NY. May 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. “The Future of Latinos.” Keynote Speaker. Hispanic Heritage Month. Rutgers University. October 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. Keynote Speaker. “Latin Americans, Latinos and Our Growth.” Hispanic Heritage Month. Fairfield University. September 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. Featured Poet. Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C. October 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. Keynote Speaker. Hispanic Heritage Month. Coast Guard Research and Development Center. New London, CT. October 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. Featured Poet. Guadalupe Cultural Center. San Antonio, TX. July 2014.
  • Gonzalez, Jose B. Featured Poet. Theatre Under Our Skin Anthology Presentation. Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference offsite reading. Seattle, WA.
  • Haglund, Evan T. 2014. Panelist for “Human Crisis at the Border: Local and Global Perspectives,” Forum on Immigration and Deportation, Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts, Connecticut College. October 15, 2014.
  • Ogg, M. “A Playful Approach to Writing.” National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. November 20-23, 2014. Chair.
  • Stetson, G. “Meaningful Collaboration and Environmental Governance with Alaska Natives: the case of increasing maritime traffic in the Bering Strait Region.” Fieldwork Report, Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy, United States Coast Guard Academy, 2014.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. “Moral Sensitivity and Dehumanization in the Military” Center Advanced Studies, New London CT, 30 September 2014.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. “USCGA Faculty Contributions to the Planning for Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, DADT Anniversary Repeal Dinner, New London CT, 24 September 2014.

Awarded Grants 

  • La Casse, C. “City of Print: New York and the Periodical Press,” National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Institute.
  • La Casse, C. Summer Research Fellow, University of Delaware.

Book Reviews/Manuscript Reviews 

  • Ogg, M. Buccaneers and Privateers: The Story of the English Sea Rover by Richard Frohock. Newark: University of Delaware (2014) (reviewed for Nautilus: A Maritime Journal of Literature, History, and Culture).