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Saul Krasner Memorial Science Lecture Series
Ms. Judi Connelly, et al., USCG RDC

““OREOS” - Optimizing RADAR and Electro-Optic Sensors” 

Biographies: Ms. Connelly is the OREOS Project Manager and Field Test Technical Director for the multi-national OREOS validation field test. Her Coast Guard efforts currently involve the development and implementation of EOIR and RADAR sensor modeling as well as USCG/DoD Tactical Data link protocols and communications technologies. She holds Master and Bachelor Degrees in Physics from the University of New Hampshire.

LT Dunn presently has over 28 years in the Coast Guard. Prior to joining the RDC in 2011, then CWO Dunn served at the Aviation Logistic Center (ALC). Prior to ALC, Senior Chief Dunn was the leading chief for all aviation avionic "C" Schools at the Aviation Technical Training Center. He was a qualified sensor operator on the HU-25 (A, B, and C) models and a flight mechanic on the MH-60J. He has a bachelor's degree in electronics and a master's degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

LT Grochowski’s first tour was as a DWO aboard the CGC Acacia out of Charlevoix, Michigan, followed by four years at Operations System Center (OSC) Martinsburg. After this. he attended graduate school at North Carolina State University receiving an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He is currently stationed at the Research and Development Center (RDC).

Mr. Don Decker is a member of Aviation Branch of the RDC for five years, specializing in Test and Evaluation. He is retired Navy (submarines) specialties in Communications and Electronic Warfare; Education: Degrees from the University of Florida and Eastern Connecticut University.