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Dean Kurt Colella  
Dean's Welcome
On behalf of the Academic division, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the United States Coast Guard Academy.

The Academy is a place that offers a four year experience filled with exciting challenges that foster the intellectual, physical and professional growth of our future Coast Guard leadership. I encourage you to seize every opportunity to invest in yourself and take ownership of your own development in all areas.

The present-day world is an environment that demands well developed critical thinking skills, a strong ability to communicate, and a motivation and desire to never stop learning. Coast Guard officers in our world possess sharp minds, demonstrate sound leadership competencies, and value the importance of teamwork while living and breathing the Coast Guard Core Values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty.

The core curriculum is firmly based in the arts and sciences with a breadth of technical and professional exposure that serves as the nucleus of each academic major. Rigorous in-depth study in a chosen major is a natural follow on that solidifies more advanced concepts and develops sound field expertise. Each academic program is subjected to continual assessment and revision to keep pace with the dynamic environment that exists in higher education today.

The mantra of CGA's faculty is to work together to provide an active and rigorous learning environment for all, while being available for assistance and consultation outside of classrooms and laboratories. This highly engaged philosophy transcends the academic area and makes its way into the military training practicum and onto the athletic fields as well. A world-class advising system facilitates this dialogue under the auspices of an individual development plan for each cadet. In short, we are dedicated to fostering your success and allowing you to reach your learning potential.

Go Books! Go Bears! 

Kurt J. Colella, Ph.D., P.E.
Dean of Academics
Captain, USCG retired